10 Times Adrian Grenier Sent Love Notes to the Ocean in 2014

It turns out that the whole acting and Entourage thing is just a front for who Adrian Grenier really is: a massive aching heart that throbs for the Earth and its ocean.

Adrian, 38, had everyone fooled with his shallow character Vince Chase, the lead in TV show and soon-to-be released movie Entourage. In his other life Adrian is a powerhouse for good supporting non-profits such as Charity: Water, which digs water wells in impoverished nations, and Oceana, which works to protect oceans.

Adrian is also working on a documentary project 52: The Search For the Loneliest Whale in the World. The feature length film centers on a mysterious whale that is said to sing at a different frequency to other whales – 52 hertz – making it unable to communicate with its own kind.

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1. Look at Adrian’s hair. Now look at the whale’s spout. Adrian’s hair. The whale’s spout. Isn’t that cute?

#tbt when I was a @lonelywhale too. New goal 16k friends for @lonelywhale by Saturday.

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2. The expression on Adrian’s face as he releases a pelican back into the wild is comparable to a kid at his first ever sight of snow.

What a magical experience to be able to set this beautiful bird free [email protected] Who can’t relate, who doesn’t understand the need to be free? I appreciate how fragile wildlife animals are & Gr8ful for volunteers @IntBirdRescue & @TMMC for giving thousands a new chance at life in the wild. #dawndayinthewildlife #worldanimalday14

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3. Adrian passes on the sexy title to scientist Grace Calvert Young, an ocean engineer and explorer who studies the glamorous world of ocean sponges.

#aquaman finds Aquagirl @calvertyoung – A hot, aquanaut scientist who is studying how reef sponges clean our oceans. #ScienceIsSexy #aquaman #entouragemovie #mission31

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4. Adrian visualizes the number one travel rule: Leave only footprints.

Come on everyone, let’s not leave a footprint of waste and carelessness. #reduce #reuse #recycle #reengage in caring for our beaches and oceans. @oceana

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5. After suiting up for a dive down to underwater laboratory Aquarius in Florida Keys, Adrian sends some love to French filmmaker Fabien Cousteau who spent 31 days there.

I am going on a dive tom with @fcousteau to the only underwater marine habitat in the world for @missionthirtyone where he will live under water for 31 days, a world record! Congrats to @chlo_ayyy who was the first to answer exactly. But so many others were close or had the right spirit of ocean conservation so giving a few shoutouts too kmx182 @danielleelizabethcook @deanna_fo @emilyaliselem @rronbaraku @tyrossutt @kttoole @dweezy_baby @cunninghamryan @nickbird77 @daniksh @sbarutcu @tedread @kranzellie @xanaredux @asinger123 @ezanddaddys @courtneyniemi @themoffatt @mrsjweil @jonntv @angelalaalaaaa @mikiemike @hypnojenn @asra_elahi7 @zeke_mcrorie @seanp630 @biancaviscusi @aquinoness @tiffanimarie25 @kmx182 @dro_bot @paigerudzin @jd1800 @dorianmunroe @tcarr42 @brettsuite @manuelgalan_

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6. Adrian is forever pondering the new project “52.” He even sees the documentary’s subject, the lonely whale, reflected in distant planets.

This picture of Jupiter from @nasa resembles the eye of @lonelywhale – could you imagine floating in the middle of space, all alone? #lonelywhale

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7. Whether it’s a suit for the red carpet or a wetsuit, Adrian oozes swagger.

No, seriously, gear up!

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8. Adrian sends some admiration to Hannah Fraser, who is a model, fashion photographer, ocean conservationist, artist and occasional mermaid.

Guys, go follow @hannahmermaid to see how she survived dancing with sharks (no protective gear, just fearlessness) Incredible.

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9. Sharing a joke. Making a point. And the fact that he came across this researching is even better. Not just a pretty face.

Doing some more research on our relationship to marine mammals and ocean health. Came across this for #mememondays and remembering that #lonleywhale

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10. This guy not only cares about disconnected whales, but about disconnected mothers and children.

On this #MothersDay I can’t help but think of the #lonelywhale named “52” floating out there without his pod, unable to connect with his mom. For those out there who are feeling similarly disconnected or missing a loved one, know that we all share your struggle; our hearts expand to include you into our families. Please reach out to all moms, non-biological moms and those that may be estranged from their loved ones and show then some love and affection.

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