Watch This Baby Manatee’s Touching Rescue

A baby manatee and its momma got a dramatic rescue this Monday after getting stuck in a Florida pond.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, USFWS

According tothe local Fox station, people noticed the stranded manatees from a zip line, in the best ever argument for the existence of zip lines.

Experts think the manatee pair probably made its way into the Oldsmar pond during high tide, then couldn’t get out again once the tide fell.

Rescuing the large animals took a team effort by dozens of people from different organizations (including Florida and U.S. fish and wildlife services,the University of Florida, and a local aquarium).

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Even after their long ordeal, the manatees both appeared healthy. After fitting them with microchips, officials released the pair into Tampa Bay later that day.

Watch the rescue effort below, and then watch it again whenever you need to feel a little better about humanity:


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