The 10 Most Beautiful Sea Stars In The World

Some of us are born to be stars, and under the sea, it’s pretty easy to see who. Iconic, beautiful and fascinating, there are more than 2,000 species of sea stars living in the world’s ocean. Here are 10 of the most beautiful.

Leather Star
Sea Star Leather Star, Credit Kathleenreed
Photo: Flickr Creative Commons/kathleenreed

From Alaska to southern California the five and sometimes six-armed Leather Star has a reddish brown color and green-gray sides. It has a garlic-like smell, which might be why another sea star finds it so tasty.

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Pink Short Spined Star
Sea Star Giant Pink Star, Credit Jerry Kirkhart
Photo: Flickr Creative Commons/Jerry Kirkhart

Pretty in pink, the Pink Short Spined Star calls Alaska to southern California home. It can reach 2-feet in diameter with five arms, a smooth surface texture and color that ranges from pink to lavender.

Royal Sea Star
Sea Star Royal Starfish, Credit Mark Walz (1)
Photo: Wiki Creative Commons/Mark Walz

With its orange and purple vibrant colors it’s no wonder the Royal Sea Star is the king of the sea stars. One of the few sea stars to eats all of its prey whole, the Royal Sea Star snatches up mollusks and swallows them whole. Find them along southeast coast of the US.

Necklace Sea Star
Sea Star Necklace Star, Credit Alain Feulvarch
Photo: Flickr Creative Commons/Alain Feulvarch

Appropriately named this sea star with its red tiled body looks like a jewel. It’s found in the Indian Ocean and west Pacific Ocean and its hard exterior can reach a foot across.

Cushion Star
Photo: Bridget Shirvell

With robust arms the Cushion Star can reach to a foot-long and lives in depths of 500-feet.

Blue Sea Star
Sea Star Blue_Starfish Credit Richard Ling
Photo: Wiki Creative Commons/ Richard Ling

The jewel colored Blue Sea Star is found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans and can grow up to 30 centimeter with six arms.

Chocolate Chip Sea Star
Sea Star Chocolate Chip Sea Star, Credit Via Tsuji
Photo: Flickr Creative Commons/ Via Tsuji

Not quite as tasty looking as a chocolate chip looking but cuter, the Chocolate Chip Sea Star has chocolate chip like nubs that make it look a bit more dangerous than it is.

Egyptian Sea Star
Sea Star Egyptian sea star Credit Daviddarom
Photo: Flickr Creative Commons/ Daviddarom

With pointed spikes the Egyptian Sea Star is not to be messed with. Found off the shores of Africa, the Egyptian Sea Star can regenerate parts of its body that are damaged, not that anything would want to touch it with those spikes.

Nine-Armed Sea Star
Sea Star Nine Armed Star Fish Credit Andrea Westmoreland
Photo: Flickr Creative Commons/ Andrea Westmoreland

Being a bit different is a good thing. At least if you’re this nine arm sea star found in the western Atlantic.

Bat Sea Star
Sea Star Bat Star Fish, Credit Chris Totsky
Photo: Flickr Creative Commons/ Chris Totsky

Prettier than a bat this sea star has webbing between its arms. It’s found along the west coast of North America, can have up to nine arms and ranges in color from green to orange to purple.