From Tattoos to Tricked-Out Aquariums: 10 Coolest Celebrity Fish Obsessions

Celebrities: They’re just like us! Or, they’re just like how we wish we could be if we had tons of disposable income to indulge our ocean animal obsessions. Here are some of the most extreme examples of celebrities going above and beyond with their fish friends Introducing the top 10 celebrity fish obsessions.

1. Kanye West

celebrity fish obsessions
Photo Credit: Realtor.com

Kanye is a great example. The rapper and entrepreneur had a bathtub with a great view of Los Angeles. But why not make it a bathtub that also contains a gorgeous home aquarium? Maybe the running water helps the fishes feel a little more at home.

2. Chad Ochocinco Johnson, Part 1

celebrity fish obsessions

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Football player Chad Johnson is another celebrity who wanted a home aquarium. He got it in the form of a gorgeous headboard that at least one member of the family finds incredibly soothing before a good night’s sleep.

3. Chad Ochocinco Johnson, Part 2

celebrity fish obsessions
Via: Acrylic Tank Manufacturing

But you can’t just sit in bed and stare at fish all day. Sometimes you have to go over to the couch and watch TV! Which is why Ochocinco also got a custom aquarium for the TV room.

4. Tyga

celebrity fish obsessions

When rapper Tyga started renovating his new Beverly Hills home, he turned to the reality show “Tanked” for help. They delivered, in the form of a fish tank in the shape of a vault. Tyga doubted them at first but turned out impressed with their creation.

5. Tracy Morgan

celebrity fish obsessions

Comedian Tracy Morgan also looked for help from the “Tanked” crew when he was looking for a place to store his pets, including an octopus. The actor said that his love of fish and aquariums came from a childhood spent watching a lot of Jacques Cousteau.

6. Miley Cyrus, Part 1

Miley Cyrus – Pablow the Blowfish

Uploaded by Styles Monse on 2015-06-02.

Other celebrity fish obsessions come in the form of song. For instance, when Miley Cyrus brought herself to tears over her deceased pet, Pablow the blowfish.

7. Miley Cyrus, Part 2

R I P PBF @mileycyrus

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Miley also got a tattoo of the little guy, to truly remember him forever.

10. Wyclef Jean

celebrity fish obsessions

Rapper Wyclef Jean got a sleek, shiny Caribbean fish tank, thanks to the Acrylic Tank Manufacturing crew on “Tanked.”

9. Usher

celebrity fish obsessions

You know “U Got It Bad” for fish when you have a fish tank IN YOUR CAR.

10. David Hasselhoff

celebrity fish obsessions

The “Tanked” guys also helped out David Hasselhoff, who wanted an aquarium that reminded him of his “Baywatch” days. Hofftastic!
celebrity fish obsessions


Keep on keepin’ on, celebs.