WATCH: Crocodile Nabs Shark in Stunning Sneak Attack

In a recent battle of crocodile vs. shark, the croc took the cake.
crocodile vs. shark

Or, to be more accurate, the croc took the shark.

The epic fight went down on a chartered fishing boat off the Western coast of Australia. Two Perth filmmakers, Christian Kennedy and Jadranko Silic, had anchored the vessel along the Prince Regent River as part of a week-long fishing trip.

While anchored, they took some time to fillet some of their recent catches and threw the carcasses overboard. That’s when nearby ocean beasts started to swarm the boat.

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A bunch of hungry sharks started to feast on the scraps. Then, a saltwater crocodile sauntered on up to the boat.

But instead of digging right into the meal, it appeared to be patiently holding out for a bigger, better prize.

crocodile vs. shark
As one of the sharks jumps in for another bite of scraps, the crocodile knows it’s his time to shine. The shark thinks it’s just going to get a bite of fish scraps. Instead, it gets nabbed by a crocodile.

The big-jawed crocodile makes a super fast, sneaky, underwater attack and nabs the shark whole.

crocodile vs. shark

Then, with a quick flip of the tail, it heads away to munch on its shark in peace.

crocodile vs. shark
Its patience and cunning paid off in a big, presumably delicious way.

The fishermen couldn’t believe what they’d just seen. It wasn’t their first time witnessing the dog-eat-dog world in action out at sea, but it was their first time seeing a crocodile best a shark foe.

You can watch footage of the entire crocodile vs. shark encounter right here:

Crocodile Feeding

Occurred on June 8, 2017 / Prince Regent River, Kimberley, Western Australia “Discarded fish scraps attracted the interests of several sharks and a big salt water crocodile. The croc swam up to the boat and waited, ignoring the scraps but had his mouth open and ready.

The video isn’t likely to squash the crocodile vs. shark debate entirely. That’s a Batman vs. Superman type of argument that will rage on for decades. But this time at least, the crocodile went home with quite the first-place trophy.