What Would You Name this Weird New Deep-Dwelling Fish?

Marine biologists at the University of Hawaii, Schmidt Ocean Institute, and the University of Aberdeen spotted a type of snailfish at the deepest recorded depth in December of last year. The snailfish was captured on video at 8,145 meters under the water’s surface within the Pacific’s Mariana Trench, the world’s deepest trench.

“This really deep fish did not look like anything we had seen before, nor does it look like anything we know of,” Dr. Alan Jamieson, deep-sea biologist of the University of Aberdeen and co-leader of the expedition, said of the discovery, according to Sci-News.com. The previously deepest recorded fish was 500 meters higher than this account!

The biologists have nicknamed the new species of snailfish a “ghost fish” as it is almost completely sheer. Reporters covering the story named the fish “sea ghost” or the “tissue paper fish.” The fish is partially transparent and has a protuberant head, which Dr. Jamieson characterizes as reminiscent of a cartoon dog.

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Casper? Snoopy? Phantom Angel? Check out the footage below and see what you would name it this so-called ghost fish. Share your ideas in the comments!

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Credit: SOI/HADES Video of a newly discovered species is now the world’s deepest known fish recorded at 8,143 m depth. The fish has a novel body form that has not been seen before. It stunned scientists because in other trenches, there is only one fish species at this depth–a snailfish; this fish is really different from any other deep-sea fish that scientists have ever seen.