Watch This Man’s Hilarious Perfect Reaction To Whale Encounter

Watching videos of whales can be awesome, especially when videographers (or smartphone owners) manage to capture unique, mind-blowing footage (as evidenced here, here, and here).

But as great as these videos can be, nothing compares to witnessing the ocean-roaming giants in real life. That’s what fishers Brad Rich and Tony Flanders learned in the video below, when they suddenly realized the humpback whales they could hear were actually shockingly close to their boat. Flanders’ reaction is pretty much perfect.

whale video shot by Brad Rich on Tony Flanders boat near Seward Alaska

humpback whales bubble feeding near Seward Alaska. For licensing/permission to use: contact [email protected]

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It’s worth noting that the encounter in the video appears to be accidental, and as soon as the boaters realized just how close they were, they sped the boat away to a distance to ensure that they—and the whales—remained safe. Though the humpback’s were merely feeding on some fish, it’s always best to keep a respectful distance from marine mammals.

That being said, the video is awesome. And as Rich explained, ”I knew that humpbacks do this group feeding. So I knew what was happening as soon as it happened. But to be in the middle of that, to actually experience that as to just watching it, it was the most awe-inspiring thing, it’s the most amazing thing to have ever happened to me.”