7 Reasons to Take Your Bike Out Of Storage

Image: Flickr Creative Commons/Maphi74
Image: Flickr Creative Commons/Maphi74


Spin class may have made riding an indoor bike a national obsession, but let’s get real for a moment: there’s still nothing like riding a bike outdoors. For those seeking high-energy, low impact fitness activities, you really can’t beat a bike.

It’s a solo way to unwind after a long day or a social outing for a group. Plus, as an added bonus, you get to appreciate your everyday surroundings from a different viewpoint. With the weather getting warm(er), these are seven reasons to take your bike out of storage right now.

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You Get To Breathe In Fresh Air: Well this might depend on where you live, but even if you live in a busy crowded city there is something about breathing in the air on the bike that is just better than being in a car or on a bus or a subway.

You’ll Sleep Better: Peddling is high-energy fitness, which means you’ll sleep better. No tossing or turning for cyclists. Plus, cycling also boosts you’re overall energy.

Bike to Work WeekImage: Flickr Creative Commons/Rob Baxter

You Want To Be Ready For National Bike To Work Day: Bike to Work Day is coming up on May 15, and you’ll want to know the best route to get there, right? And you’ll probably want not to be keeling over tired, because you haven’t been active.

You’ll Get Fit In Time For Summer: There’s nothing like a bike to get you in shape. It burns calories incredibly fast, tones every part of your body, is good for your heart, and is low impact enough for your joints.

BikesImage: Flickr Creative Commons/ViktorDobai

You’ll Save Money: Use a bike to commute to work and you’ll save money on things such as gas or subway tickets. Some companies even offer monetary incentives for those that bike to work.

You’ll Discover New Things: A bike changes your viewpoint. It might make you notice a cute coffeehouse in your neighborhood, or maybe it will just make you appreciate the nature around you. Hop on a bike and let it tell you a story.

You’ll Be Helping The Environment: Want a town or city with less car pollution? Get in the habit of biking. It’s just one small part, but you’ll be helping to create a bike culture.