This River Otter Doesn’t Need a Valentine, Just Sledding

Some of the best joys in life don’t require any company — and are even more fun alone. Take, for example, a certain river otter pup who is living his best life, sans S.O.

Said river otter recently spent the day in Yellowstone National Park sledding down a snow-covered mountain. Wildlife photographer Barrett Hedges spotted the gleeful pup after watching his otter family traverse a snowy forest.

At first, all the otters were simply walking in the snow. But then Hedges noticed this river otter pup separated from its family to tackle the snowy slope below.

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“That’s awesome,” Hedges says in the video. “Slide with me!”

As it turns out, the body of a river otter is almost perfectly suited for sledding. And these adorable creatures are no strangers to snow. Remember that otter that careened across the ice into the most adorable face-plant? And these skiing river otters? And these other skiing otters, this time in Buffalo?

OK, we admit it: River otters know how to have way more fun than we ever will — and look cuter than we ever will. And now, more than ever, is a time to celebrate the pure and furry joy of these otters as they make the most of winter, hills and their thick coats of fur.

KARE 11 – How cute is this? The Minnesota Zoo’s river… | Facebook

How cute is this? The Minnesota Zoo’s river otter took full advantage of the new snow this morning. As they wrote on their Facebook page, “When life gives you snow, go sledding!”

Barrett Hedges is known for his photography in America’s national parks and now has worked a great deal with National Geographic. His website has a contact page, and we’re not not saying we emailed him to ask for more otter pics.

Follow Hedges’ Facebook page for all the adorable otter photography you could ever want, and watch the full river otter sledding video below:

River Otter Sliding on Snow!

A playful wild River Otter runs and slides numerous times on a frozen river in Yellowstone National Park!