PHOTOS: Seagull Steals Girl’s Ice Cream Mid-Snap, Captures Existential Dread

Seagulls don’t even need to release their bowels to shit all over your day. One girl learned this the hard way when, mid-Snap, a seagull tried to steal her ice cream cone and dropped it into the ocean.

On the bright side, she got a hilarious viral tweet out of it.



These two photos pretty much sum up the human experience. First, life is a beautiful Santa Barbara day at the pier, a double scoop of rocky road on a sugar cone, glistening with promise. And then … well, you know the rest.

Water You Waiting For?

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The photos struck such a nerve that some people added their own text to them, as if they needed extra explanation.

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The girl behind the photos is a UCLA student named Kris. When the seagull incident happened, she was in Santa Barbara for the weekend with her family.

“People think I was hand feeding the bird, but it LITERALLY swooped in and took the ice cream cone right away,” Kris told BuzzFeed. “It flew off with it in its mouth, but there’s no real grip on ice cream so it fell into the ocean …

I was just like ‘oh’ and walked backed to my family and said, ‘A bird just swooped on my ice cream,’ and I didn’t even KNOW I had this picture. I was just laughing at the table with my family and my cousin asked if I got a picture, and I checked my camera roll and there it was and I was in pure shock.”

We’re wishing Kris a lifetime ahead of un-seagulled ice cream cones.