46 Weird & Wild Pieces of Ocean Trivia on Azula


Welcome to  Azula — the best place online to surf the latest ocean news, watch viral videos of the world’s cutest and weirdest aquatic animals, and learn about the science behind everything that goes on beneath the waves. 


Here’s a sample of some of the weirdest, wildest ocean content you can find at Azula.com.

  1. The freaky-looking stargazer fish swallows its prey whole and then, no joke, burps out the scales — and there’s footage to prove it.
  2. Valentine’s Day is good for lots of things: chocolate, flowers, self-pity and, in our case,  fish puns.
  3. The ocean is full of creatures that seem too bizarre to be real — as you can see in this stunning video of a feather starfish.
  4. Our list of adventure films takes a dive into cinematic history, from naval expeditions and pirate chases to tragic love stories at sea.
  5. Do whales sleep? The short answer is yes, but the way they manage it is bizarre and surreal.
  6. Meet the tully monster, discovered via a strange-looking fossil that seemed more prehistoric monster than ancient animal.
  7. The bobbit worm was supposedly named after a woman who cut off half of her husband’s penis. No, really. And the sea creature isn’t one you want to mess with either.
  8. This leatherback turtle mouth looks too terrifying to be real — but it is.
  9. There are few things more adorable than otters holding hands. Find out why these sweet little animals stick together.
  10. This goblin shark gif shows the creepy way these rare, deep-sea sharks eat their prey.
  11. Are narwhals real? The unicorns of the sea are more fascinating than unicorns themselves.
  12. The sea butterfly doesn’t swim through water — it flies. And it kind of looks like a snitch from “Harry Potter.”
  13. Geese teeth are seriously no joke. Think twice before messing with these birds at the park.
  14. Jorunna parva is a species of nudibranch taking the internet by storm for its painfully cute resemblance to a chubby cartoon bunny.
  15. Ever watch a seahorse giving birth? It’s a phenomenon you can’t tear your eyes away from.
  16. Audrey Mestre, legendary marine biologist and free diver, is reportedly being portrayed in an upcoming film by Jennifer Lawrence.
  17. Snoop Dogg nature” isn’t something you’d think to Google, but we weren’t disappointed. This video of the iconic rapper narrating nature videos is the funniest thing we’ve ever seen.
  18. It’s not unusual to see a baby great white shark along the Atlantic coast, where they were spotted in surprisingly high numbers last year.
  19. Is the sea pig (a type of sea cucumber) cute or creepy? We’ll let you be the judge.
  20. It’s impossible to have a favorite cute octopus when the sea is full of different kinds. Here are the 9 most adorable octopus and squid species known to man.
  21. Conch eyes are a gorgeous symbol of the ocean, fitted with an elegant spire and shaded lovely hues of pink and red.
  22. The fish meme to top all fish memes. Russia is obsessed with an odd fish meme called “Fish Are Trying to Read.”
  23. Which is cuter? A baby stingray or baby skate? The answer is obvious in these photos.
  24. Check out the 28 amazing ocean tattoos that are giving us life.
  25. Why enjoy one otter gif when you can enjoy 19 otter gifs all in the same place?
  26. The pom pom crab and the anemone have the weirdest inter-species relationship in the wild.
  27. Assfish: A real name for an animal. Bony-eared assfish, to be exact.
  28. The largest jellyfish in the ocean went viral four years ago when someone captured an impossibly huge one on camera — right next to a scuba diver for reference.
  29. Marine snow sounds beautiful, right? Think again. It’s not the mystical marine phenomenon its name suggests. In fact, it’s straight-up gross.
  30. Meet the Benedict Cumberbatch otter — it turns out the “Sherlock Holmes” actor has an uncanny resemblance to this marine mammal.
  31. The narwhals song is streaming online, along with the sounds of belugas, dolphins, sperm whales and 40-plus other marine mammals.
  32. yellow bellied sea snake isn’t something you want loose on a California beach — yet it’s not unheard of.
  33. The new and improved H20 Ninja mask may help you breathe easier underwater. Its clever design makes snorkeling a lot simpler.
  34. Platypus venom could be the future of diabetes medication. Find out why.
  35. Seal vs sea lion: Do you know the difference? Take our quiz to test your sea smarts.
  36. Stygiomedusa gigantea is a 30-foot — yep, you read that right — red jellyfish, but it’s not as scary as it looks. We promise.
  37. The mantis shrimp punch proves big things come in small packages. Find  out how the peacock mantis shrimp could knock you out with one punch.
  38. The red lipped batfish is officially the weirdest-looking animal we’ve ever seen.
  39. Watch the ultimate octopus escape here, among our list of the top five octopus escapes to ever go down in the big blue.
  40. Did you know the cookie cutter shark is actually also a parasite?
  41. These 11 stunning and terrifying photos of deep sea creatures will blow your mind.
  42. The basket star looks mildly terrifying when it eats. We have video to prove it.
  43. Scallop eyes are a piercing blue and number in the hundreds per scallop, forming a kind of sapphire necklace around the bivalve.
  44. What are the 7 seas? You’ve heard the idiom “to sail the seven seas,” of course, but do you know what it refers to?
  45. The sarcastic fringehead is a fish that fights with its words. It uses something called “mouth wrestling” to get girls.
  46. Mexico has plenty of beautiful beaches but its deep, dark, underwater lake is particularly special.