This Submarine-Style, Underwater Hotel Can Grow Its Own Coral Reefs

The 12-bedroom Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel, currently in development, is more than just an aquatic adventure of a lifetime. The concept also does good for the ocean by incorporating a new patented technology called Biorock, which allows the hotel’s structure to grow coral reef formations on its surface!

underwater hotel
Image courtesy of Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel

While construction on the submarine-style, underwater hotel has yet to begin, Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel’s mission is to be the first to build a structure of this kind. (Its design is even patented by the U.S. government.)

A stay at this underwater haven comes at a price tag between $3,000 to $6,000 per night for two hotel visitors — but it’s sure to be a memorable experience.

It boasts panoramic views of ocean life, daily 5 pm cocktail hours and room service.

underwater hotel
Image courtesy of Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel


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The underwater hotel rooms are even equipped with Wi-Fi, so you can Snap views from your ocean abode to everyone — and we mean everyone — you know.

underwater hotel
Image courtesy of Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel

Hotel guests take a custom glass elevator about 30 feet down, where they board the submarine, pass through the communal dining and lounge area, and enter their guest room, equipped with HDTV, adjustable LED lighting and a fully equipped ensuite bathroom.

Plus, you can feel good about the fact that your once-in-a-lifetime adventure is actually helping the environment. Not only does Planet Ocean plan to donate 10 percent of their proceeds to coral reef restoration; the hotel’s physical structure will also be made using a new technology called Biorock, which allows it to grow coral on its limestone surface using electric currents.

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Once the coral formations have grown, they can be relocated and live independently. “Our goal is for Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel to help fund and implement a worldwide proven coral reef restoration and aquaculture solutions/technologies,” the site explains.

When a stay at this submarine paradise also does good for the ocean, who wouldn’t want to sign up?