Artisan Spotlight: Marine Art Designed with Up-Cycled Materials

One of the coolest ways to support ocean clean-up is to patronize artists who use reclaimed materials to create art. Everything from driftwood to plastic water bottles can be used to construct sculptures and wall art for the home. We’ve taken a look at some of the most amazing marine art you can purchase to support artists who are keeping waste out of landfills and out of our oceans.

From driftwood to sculptural art

Pia from Denmark creates sculptures using reclaimed driftwood and recycled wire. She found the wood on the beaches of Northwest Denmark and used recycled materials, including metal from her childhood farm, to construct a gorgeous sailboat. Driftwood art gives any home a beachy look without resorting to kitsch. It’s amazing to imagine the forces of nature slowing polishing and whittling wood into a one of a kind shape. (Etsy, $80)

Water You Waiting For?

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Scrap metal come to life

Gary Pearson uses 100% recycled materials to create sculptures. Many are inspired by the sea. This jellyfish sculpture was created using limestone, aluminum, stainless steel and copper. When shopping for scrap metal art, be sure to ask the artist about any particular care instructions. Most can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth. This type of art will weather outdoors, so keep that in mind when you decide where to display it. (Etsy, $95)

Bring the beach inside

Chrissy takes scrap wood and converts it into charmingly beachy art and sculptures for the home. The sturdy pieces are particularly suited for outdoor display, since a little weathering will only add to the shabby-chic charm. Hang brightly-painted buoys on a backyard fence or on the patio. If wooden decor isn’t your thing, don’t miss her up-cycled crocheted jellyfish. (Etsy, $45)


Floridian John Birdsong uses recycled fence wood to create sculptures of sharks and fish. He also uses plastic from construction dumpsters, helping to keep those materials from making their way into the ocean. He takes requests, so now’s the time to get a neat sculpture of your favorite fish. Or just go with this amazing anglerfish made with reclaimed wood, a bottle cap and aluminum. (Etsy, $34)