11 Vegan and Vegetarian Fish Recipes Everyone Should Try At Least Once

People have a lot of different reasons for not eating fish. You might be a vegetarian or vegan. You might not be able to find sustainable fish at your local grocery store, or maybe you’re concerned about fish fraud. Or perhaps you do eat fish occasionally, and you’re simply looking for a tasty way to add more yummy vegetables into your diet.

No matter the reason, these vegan and vegetarian fish recipes below offer a lot of different interpretations of classic fish dishes that will both satisfy your cravings and be a hit at the dinner table.

1. Fish Sticks with Hearts of Palm

vegan fish sticks
via Fork and Beans

This recipe replaces fish with hearts of palm and bread crumbs. Learn how to make it on Fork and Beans.

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2. “Fish” Sticks with Tofu

vegetarian fish sticks
via HappyCow

If you’re looking for more of a protein kick, you can also use tofu. Get this recipe on HappyCow.

3. Vegan “Lobster” Bisque

via Vegan Belle
via Vegan Belle

This recipe has lobster …. lobster mushrooms, that is. Get the recipe on Vegan Belle.

4. Vegan “Crab” Cakes

vegan crab cakes
via Hell Yeah It’s Vegan

Love zucchini? You’ll love this recipe from Hell Yeah It’s Vegan!

5. Tofu “Fish” Filet Sandwiches

via All Recipes
via All Recipes

A much better option than McDonald’s. See the recipe on All Recipes.

6. Vegan “Salmon” With Dilled Beets

vegan salmon
via Baking Backwards

“Smoke + salt + fat + sea veg + dill + lemon + beet = salmon!” on Baking Backwards.

7. Raw Mock-Tuna Salad

raw vegan tuna
via Rawmazing

100% raw and 100% healthy. Get this creative recipe on Rawmazing.

8. Vegan Fish Sauce

via TheKitchn
via TheKitchn

Fish sauce is used in a lot of recipes. If you’re looking for a vegan alternative, look no further than The Kitchn.

9. Vegan New England “Glam” Chowder

via Post Punk Kitchen
via Post Punk Kitchen

Cold winter months call for rich, creamy soup. This recipe on Post Punk Kitchen looks like just the ticket.

10. Vegan “Smoked Salmon Lox”

via Vegan Kitty Patrol
via Vegan Kitty Patrol

Want something smoky on your bagel? Vegan lox it is! See this creative recipe on Vegan Kitty Patrol.

11. Vegetable Sushi

vegetable sushi
via One Green Planet

Most sushi restaurants serve veggie sushi, but One Green Planet has some great tips for doing it yourself.