5 Fish Friendships That Prove Love Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

Fish might not be cuddly like our typical companion animals, but they form friendships just like dogs, cats and humans. These five videos of fish friendships will warm your heart.

1. The Old Man and the Fish

This large fish, an Asian sheepshead wrasse, has been friends with this old man for 25 years. Whenever the man returns to the fish’s home and knocks on an old, rusted tank with a hammer, the fish comes swimming to greet him. Their friendship has stood the test of time.
Watch the full video below.

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Man Has Fish As Best Friend

Mark this as one of the most unlikely friendships around. This scuba diver has been visiting the same Asian Sheepshead Wrasse for the past 25 years. He alerts the fish that he’s there when he knocks on an old rusted CO2 tank.


2. The Fish That Would Rather Play Than Eat

This blood parrot cichlid is incredibly affection toward his owner. He dances from side to side to try to get his hooman to come play with him. When it’s feeding time, Fishy will ignore the food in favor of playing with his person. That’s true love right there.
Watch the full video below.

My Fish Loves Me! He would rather play than eat!

This little guy just loves to watch me wherever I am in the room, he’ll do anything to get my attention. And when I look at him he flares out his gills and dances from side to side just hoping that I’ll come over to play.


3. No Fish Left Behind

This video shows a snorkeler rescuing a porcupine fish from a fishing net. But what’s even more remarkable than the rescue is the fact that the trapped fish’s friend waits by his side until he is free. The fact that the fish stayed and waited, even when the human could have easily harmed him, shows true loyalty and devotion.
Watch the full video below.

Porcupine fish rescue

Our guys came across an entangled porcupine fish while snorkeling. The little guy was freed using a broken bottle. Clever. Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact – licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom


4. Just a Fish and His Dog

While swimming in a lake, this golden lab named Sasha was befriended by an extremely outgoing carp. The two new friends swim together and exchange kisses. Ignore the part of the video where the narrator calls the fish “dumb.” There’s nothing wrong with being friendly and affectionate toward a member of a different species.
Watch the full video below.


Spectacular footage of a Labrador Retriever (Sasha) swimming with, eating with, & then kissing a fish. Our dog, Sasha, took a break from playing fetch to befriend a carp at Lake Mead in Las Vegas Nevada.


5. Friends, Not Food

If a friendship between a fish and a dog is unlikely, a friendship between a fish and a cat is downright weird. But this ragdoll cat named Timo has many fish friends. Every day, Timo hangs out by his owner’s koi pond. The koi come to say hello, and Timo gives them gentle pats. There’s nothing like a friendship that defies the odds.
Watch the full video below.

Timo the Ragdoll Cat among his Koi Fish buddies

Timo’s daily visit to the Koi pond. His fishy friends recognize him, one in particular. He bring his Mini-Me with him 0.48 Do you also want a Mini-Me Timo keychain? Check out the link below: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Keychain-of-Timo-the-Ragdoll-Cat-/152579522342?hash=item238672bf26:g:eJsAAOSwPh5ZOAgR This video is being represented by LADBible Group.