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Instagram / @abandoned_nordic

These Photos of an Underwater Prison Are Eerily Beautiful

In some parts of the building, the bars on the windows are still visible. On others, you can see lamps on the walls, completely intact.

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18 Times Drone Footage Taught Us Crazy Things About the Ocean

There's a whole world out there that's accessible now.

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Moira Brown and New England Aquarium/Wikimedia Commons

North Atlantic Right Whales Are Literally Going Extinct Before Our Eyes

No whale calves were spotted this year — and that's a major problem.

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Smart Marine Systems/Twitter

This New Shark Attack App Could Protect Both People AND Sharks

It's a win-win solution.

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Credit: Lara Maiklem / SWNS

A Biblical Amount of Dead Sea Creatures Is Washing Up in Britain [PHOTOS]

Photographer Lara Maiklem went down to the shore to see for herself and take some photos.

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