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The Rock Hung Out With a Bunch of Captive Sea Creatures & His Fans Are Livid

They've taken him to task in the comments.

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The Meg Movie/Warner Bros. Pictures

'The Meg' Is Surprisingly Pro-Ocean for a Shark Movie

The real villains of the movie are the greedy humans.

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Dr. James B. Wood/PLOS One

We Finally Know Why Bermuda Fireworms Glow Three Days After a Full Moon

Once a month, three nights after the full moon, these worms light up in a bioluminescent firework-like dance shortly after sunset.

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The Bizarre Government Backup Plan to Save the Vaquita Porpoise

The environment secretary of Mexico had an interesting suggestion last week.

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Watch a Paddleboarder Crash Right Into a Humpback Whale

Don't worry — both the paddleboarder and whale are OK.

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