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9 Endangered Animals It's Still Legal to Hunt

Even their endangered status can't keep them safe.

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Good News! Science Wants You to Move to the Beach

People have long theorized that living near the ocean can benefit one’s health, but now there is data to back it up. Here are 5 proven ocean living boosts.

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WATCH: Drone Captures Rare Footage of Flying Mobula Rays

Sitting in a boat amid breaching mobula rays has been likened to sitting in a pot of popcorn as the kernels explode into the air.

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MBARI /YouTube

Meet Stygiomedusa Gigantea, a Giant Jellyfish With Scarves for Arms

Its long, ribbon-like arms can measure over 30 feet long.

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15 Animals That Have Mastered the Art of Photobombing

These animals would just like you to know: You never need an invitation to be part of someone else's photo.

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