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This Plastic Bottle Is Almost 50 Years Old & It Was Still Floating Around in the Sea

Literal decades later and it looks almost new.

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Sea Otters Weigh 100 Pounds But Eat 7,500 Calories A DAY

Here's how.

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One Photographer Just Proved Plankton Is Way More Beautiful Than We Realized

Ryo Minemizu has managed to capture striking shots of all different types of plankton that show just how incredible they really are.

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YouTube/Smithsonian Channel

Moray Eels Have TWO Sets of Jaws & Use Them in the Freakiest Way Possible

It is ... pretty horrifying. But, anatomically and scientifically speaking, it's kind of cool, too.

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From Ghost Shark to Ghost Octopus, Meet the Real-Life Ghosts of the Sea

These ocean creatures celebrate the spooky season too.

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