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10 Must-See Ocean Views to Add to Your Bucket List

Your next vacation destination should be the kind of place that would put Apple’s desktop wallpapers to shame.

Let's be honest. With the summer months upon us, we have one thing on our minds: vacation. When deciding how to spend some much needed time off, you want to make sure it's memorable, the kind of place that would make the perfect desktop wallpaper to last you through the year. Now, what's more wallpaper-worthy than an unforgettable ocean view?

Dive into tranquility and wash away your troubles at one of these must-sea ocean views. Trust us, you won't last five minutes before searching for the next available flight.

10. Dún Aengus, Aran Islands, Ireland

Photo Credit: Flickr/waynethume

Reachable only by ferry, this Irish archeological site is also home to some spectacular ocean views. As one of Europe's greatest cliff forts located on the historic Aran Islands, Dun Aengus sits atop a 328-foot, unclimbable cliff, with beautiful views overlooking the island of Inishmore and the Connemara coast.

9. Látrabjarg, Iceland

Photo Credit: Flickr/brendare

Rising 1,457 feet high and 8.7 miles long, Látrabjarg cliff boasts one of the world's best bird cliffs and houses the largest razorbill colony. Located at Iceland's most remote region, at Europe's western-most point, Látrabjarg cliff is home to incredible views of white-sand beaches and Snæfellsjökull glacier in the distance.

8. Sagres Bay, Portugal

Photo Credit: Flickr/cingularite

Located in the southwest Algarve region of Portugal, this spot offers both aquatic history and beauty. In the 15th century, Prince Henry traveled here to build his School of Navigation to train sailors and cartographers so that he could find new frontiers and create a sea route to India.

7. Shi Shi Beach, Olympic National Park, Washington

Photo Credit: Flickr/brianholsclaw

As the most dramatic beach in Washington state, this unspoiled ocean view is home to stunning sea stacks, caves and arches. At the south end of Shi Shi Beach you can find the Point of Arches, one of the most stunning sights you'll ever see, with incredible tunnels and amazing tide pools.

6. Cumberland Island, Georgia, United States

Photo Credit: Flickr/brianholsclaw

Just a ferry ride away from Georgia's mainland, this deserted gem is 20 miles of nearly untouched nature, touched with the occasional historic ruin. As a former Carnegie family retreat, Cumberland Island is home to beautiful wild horses, sandy beaches, forests and salt marshes.

5. Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

Photo Credit: Flickr/georgeka

Off of Australia's eastern Queensland coast, this one-of-a-kind beauty holds the title of largest sand island in the world. Take in panoramic views from Indian Head, a rocky spot at the island's easternmost tip, or the Cathedrals, a cliff with views of the infamous ribbons of colored sand.

4. Lopes Mendes, Ilha Grande, Brazil

Photo Credit: Flickr/arjta

With not a building or restaurant in sight, this giant island boasts some of the whitest and finest sand beaches lined with palm and almond trees. Though it takes a bus, ferry, taxi-boat and hike to get there, this secluded spot is something worth the hassle.

3. Temae and Teavora, Moorea, French Polynesia

Photo Credit: Flickr/vgm8383

Here, two beaches blended together to create a view like no other. Teavora hosts crystal clear, shallow waters, while Temae has a famous surf break, safe for swimming off one of the widest stretches of sand in all of French Polynesia. Both combine to create a contrasting ocean view to marvel at for hours.

2. Honokalani Beach, Wai'anapanapa State Park, Maui, Hawaii

Photo Credit: Flickr/orayzio

Lie on the unique black sand made of lava pebbles, and take in a fantastic combination of tropical blue waters and green, jungle-like foliage on this Hawaiian stunner. Be sure to check out the seaside lava tubes — and sea caves within the lava cliffs along the shore — for a taste of true Hawaiian fun.

1. El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

Photo Credit: Flickr/jlgriffiths

Home to about 50 white beaches set around limestone formations, this unforgettable spot is to die for. With blinding blue waters, the purest white sand and sunsets that will literally take your breath away, this place will ruin any other vacation you will ever take. Ever.

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