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10 Ocean Animals That Look Exactly Like Donald Trump

Allow us to introduce you to 10 of The Donald's doppelgangers who live in and around the deep blue sea. You'll never believe these resemblances!

It's no secret that Donald Trump is one, er, very expressive human. But less widely known is the fact that the sea is home to many of The Donald's doppelgangers who all have somehow managed to master his countenance contortions like pros.

Don't believe us? Just scroll down.

1. This unamused otter who frankly does not care about what you had for lunch today, Dave.

2. This windblown frogfish who so desperately wants someone, ANYONE, to just run their fingers through its wispy orange hair. Sigh.

3. This innocent-looking burrfish who is trying to keep it all together but is internally losing its s#*t right now.

4. This great white shark who just found out Obama is leaving office. "Wait, WHAAAATTT?!?"

5. This grumpy blobfish, aka the world's ugliest animal, who grimaces any time someone brings up the year 2016.

6. This tilapia who tried Kylie Jenner's latest lip product and wants to subtly show off the new pout. *slightly purses lips*

7. This happy little seal pup who can't stop singing "Jingle Bells," despite everyone telling him it's not Christmas anymore.

8. This stunned pufferfish who just finished watching "Westworld" and is currently experiencing a mind EXPLOSION.

9. This titan triggerfish who still thinks this whole election is a joke because it CAN'T be real, right? … RIGHT?

10. And, finally, this giant tortoise who just saw Mariah Carey's disastrous doozy of a New Year's Eve performance for the first time.

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