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10 Octopus Tattoo Designs For Cephalopod Fanatics

Prepare to get inked with these stunning octopus tattoo ideas.

Can’t get enough of the sea’s eight-armed wonders? You can show your cephalopod love over a lifetime with one of these killer octopus tattoo designs! Prepare to get inked.


1. If you’re shooting for a minimalist look, this little guy might be right for you.


2. Or perhaps this forearm-wrapping octopus to show off to all your friends, suckers and all.


3. How about this cutie to show strangers what you’re all about from the second they shake your hand?


4. Decorate a new pair of sandals with this bad boy. A perfect addition to a fresh pedicure.


5. Stand out with this shiny white octopus.


6. Or frame your figure with this detailed, long-limbed octopus.


7. Don't shave this one for later. Have a little fun with a mustache-wearing octopus.


8. And last but not least, for the ones who want to truly show their passion for cephalopod fashion, go all out with this massive octopus back art.

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