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24 Best Ocean Haikus Written by Our Own Readers

Turns out our readers our poets and we didn't know it.

Last month, we put a call out to readers to submit their ocean-themed haikus for a chance to win a pair of brand-new Oceana TOMS. We hoped for a couple of 17-syllable masterpieces, but we ended up receiving hundreds of entries with countless knockout poems.

The winner, Gizelle Batomalaque, was chosen on March 21 in celebration of World Poetry Day (see her entry below) …

ocean haikus

… but we knew we needed to showcase some of the other standout entries as well.

What better day to reveal them than National Haiku Poetry Day, celebrated every year on April 17?!

Check out our favorite submissions in the slideshow below, and don't miss our Instagram Story featuring 10 illustrated versions of our faves!

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