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7 Polar Bear Desserts You'll Want To Devour

In honor of International Polar Bear Day, whip up one of these adorable polar bear desserts that taste as sweet as they look.

The holidays aren't the only time when wintery-looking polar bear desserts are acceptable. Fantastic sea bear-shaped snacks are delicious any time of the year. In honor of International Polar Bear Day (February 27), here are some sweet treats you've got to try.

1. Peppermint and Chocolate Polar Bear Macaroons


Get the recipe here!

2. Polar Bear Pops

Credit: Miss Candiquik

Get the recipe here!

3. Coconut Polar Bear Cupcakes

One Little Project

Get the recipe here!

4. Polar Bear Pretzel Pops

Hungry Happenings

Get the recipe here!

5. Polar Bear Paws

Garnish and Glaze

Get the recipe here!

6. Polar Bear Hot Cocoa Marshmallows

Mom Endeavors

Get the recipe here!

7. Polar Bear Cookies

The Bearfoot Baker

Get the recipe here!

February 27 is International Polar Bear Day. These sea bears are under a lot of pressure in their cold habitats due to climate change and global warming. To learn more about polar bears and what you can do to help, visit Oceana today, or sign up for our weekly updates.

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