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8 Facts About The Nap-Ready Striped Pyjama Squid

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about the tiny, but fierce, striped pyjama squid.

The striped pyjama squid (Sepioloidea lineolata) looks like it's ready to either go to bed or head to jail. But its flamboyant body pattern is just the beginning.

1. The animal, which can be found around Australia, is named for its stripes, which resemble classic pajamas. Their distinctive outfit probably advertises the fact that they are poisonous to predators.


2. These nocturnal animals mate face-to-face, with males that are in the mood grabbing any female that wanders by.

Two striped pyjama squid. Image courtesy Wikimedia/Scubagirl85

3. The stripes are actually made of tiny dots. These dots are tiny sacs of pigment called chromatophores, which the animal flashes when it feels threatened.

4. Pyjama squid are TINY. They typically grow to be a mere two inches long: not too much bigger than the shrimp they like to eat!


5. These little cephalopods spend most of the day under the sand. It's the perfect place to hide from predators, but it also provides the cover this animal needs to ambush prey. The pyjama squid is nocturnal, though, emerging at night to hunt for dinner.


6. Even baby pyjama squid have stripes. Many animals grow into their distinctive coloring, but pyjama squid are born with their body patterns.

7. When threatened, they produce a slime that expands to several times the animals' size. The slime is believed to be poisonous.


8. Pyjama squid are actually a type of cuttlefish, which given their name and outfit, makes a lot of sense. They put the "cuddle" in "cuttlefish."

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