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This Rare Blue Lobster Got a Lucky Break & Now a New Home

The odds of finding a brilliant blue lobster are one in 2 million.

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WATCH: Baby Humpback Whale Just Wants to Play With Snorkelers

The snorkelers described the baby humpback whale as "a huge torpedo" and said that to be able to play with it was amazing.

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WATCH: Mantis Shrimp Takes on Pufferfish in Epic Showdown

A diver managed to capture a nail-biting struggle between a very persistent mantis shrimp and a pufferfish that really does not want to become dinner.

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The Bloodybelly Comb Jelly Is as Creeptastic as It Sounds

Meet the deep-sea uber-red jelly with the pirate-like name.

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One Lucky Dude Just Discovered a Full Steller’s Sea Cow Skeleton

A researcher stumbled on the massive full skeleton of a Steller's sea cow last week — the first in 30 years.

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