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10 Times Adrian Grenier Sent Love Notes to the Ocean in 2014

It turns out that the whole acting and Entourage thing is a front for who Adrian Grenier really is: an aching heart that throbs for Earth and its ocean.

It turns out that the whole acting and Entourage thing is just a front for who Adrian Grenier really is: a massive aching heart that throbs for the Earth and its ocean.

Adrian, 38, had everyone fooled with his shallow character Vince Chase, the lead in TV show and soon-to-be released movie Entourage. In his other life Adrian is a powerhouse for good supporting non-profits such as Charity: Water, which digs water wells in impoverished nations, and Oceana, which works to protect oceans.

Adrian is also working on a documentary project 52: The Search For the Loneliest Whale in the World. The feature length film centers on a mysterious whale that is said to sing at a different frequency to other whales – 52 hertz – making it unable to communicate with its own kind.

1. Look at Adrian’s hair. Now look at the whale’s spout. Adrian’s hair. The whale’s spout. Isn’t that cute?

2. The expression on Adrian’s face as he releases a pelican back into the wild is comparable to a kid at his first ever sight of snow.

3. Adrian passes on the sexy title to scientist Grace Calvert Young, an ocean engineer and explorer who studies the glamorous world of ocean sponges.

4. Adrian visualizes the number one travel rule: Leave only footprints.

5. After suiting up for a dive down to underwater laboratory Aquarius in Florida Keys, Adrian sends some love to French filmmaker Fabien Cousteau who spent 31 days there.

6. Adrian is forever pondering the new project “52.” He even sees the documentary’s subject, the lonely whale, reflected in distant planets.

7. Whether it’s a suit for the red carpet or a wetsuit, Adrian oozes swagger.

8. Adrian sends some admiration to Hannah Fraser, who is a model, fashion photographer, ocean conservationist, artist and occasional mermaid.

9. Sharing a joke. Making a point. And the fact that he came across this researching is even better. Not just a pretty face.

10. This guy not only cares about disconnected whales, but about disconnected mothers and children.

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