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At Azula, our goal is to share the latest, greatest, cutest, weirdest and coolest news about the 71 percent of our planet that doesn't get all that much attention: the ocean. Through fun and topical content, we've built up a following of passionate and actively engaged ocean lovers.

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GIPHY/"The Whale"

Please Don’t Pet Whales: These Alarming Gifs Explain Why

This plea for leaving whales the hell alone comes because of a whale-watching tour that did the opposite of that.

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9 Endangered Animals It's Still Legal to Hunt

Even their endangered status can't keep them safe.

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Good News! Science Wants You to Move to the Beach

People have long theorized that living near the ocean can benefit one’s health, but now there is data to back it up. Here are 5 proven ocean living boosts.

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