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SpongeBob SquarePants/Nickelodeon

Is the Alaskan Bull Worm From SpongeBob SquarePants Real?

According to SpongeBob, "It was big, it was all wiggly, and it ate everything!"

"SpongeBob SquarePants" takes place in a pineapple under the sea, so it's not exactly the world's most accurate TV show. But, one super villain character does have a real-life counterpart.

Remember the Alaskan bull worm?

alaskan bull worm


According to SpongeBob, "It was big, it was all wiggly, and it ate everything!"

The giant pink worm was so large on the show that SpongeBob and Sandy thought its mouth was a cave and that its tongue was the worm. Nope, think bigger.

Big enough to crush the town of Bikini Bottom.

alaskan bull worm wikia

Good news for fictional undersea cities, though. There are no such things as Alaskan bull worms in the wild.

But, there are plenty of sea worms that certainly look the part.

Meet Barry the sea worm.

In 2009, the Daily Mail wrote about a sea worm that was definitely big, wiggly and liked to eat everything.

Nicknamed Barry, the 4-foot polychaete reportedly devastated the fish and coral population in a U.K. aquarium. After the aquarium staff figured out who was eating everything in the tank, they relocated Barry to his own enclosure.

Could have fooled us ...

The Mexican mole lizard is, well, a lizard. But you can't tell that to Twitter users like @TaeGawd who can't help but notice that its pink hue and slithery body are very Alaskan bull worm-esque.

Thankfully for SpongeBob and his friends, their version of the bull worm didn't have arms like the mole lizard does.

Here are tons of giant, wiggly worms.

alaskan bull worm


The other best dupe for the animated creature are nemertean worms. According to the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, nemerteans are considered "pythons of the sea" because they're the longest animals alive.

So, that's a check for "big" as the Alaskan bull worm is. What about wiggly? Also check based on the gif above. Able to eat everything? Also check.

According to the BBC, the nemertean worm "will eat almost everything and is constantly scanning the seafloor for food."

And some of them even come in the pink hue the bull worm is known for.

One difference between these and the Alaskan bull worm?

Nemerteans usually swarm in huge numbers, while the show only had the one worm.

alaskan bull worm


So, SpongeBob can count himself lucky on that account.

alaskan bull worm


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