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GIPHY/"The Whale"

Please Don’t Pet Whales: These Alarming Gifs Explain Why

This plea for leaving whales the hell alone comes because of a whale-watching tour that did the opposite of that.

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9 Endangered Animals It's Still Legal to Hunt

Even their endangered status can't keep them safe.

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WATCH: Drone Captures Rare Footage of Flying Mobula Rays

Sitting in a boat amid breaching mobula rays has been likened to sitting in a pot of popcorn as the kernels explode into the air.

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MBARI /YouTube

Meet Stygiomedusa Gigantea, a Giant Jellyfish With Scarves for Arms

Its long, ribbon-like arms can measure over 30 feet long.

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15 Animals That Have Mastered the Art of Photobombing

These animals would just like you to know: You never need an invitation to be part of someone else's photo.

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