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An Astrophysicist Just Pointed Out a Huge Titanic Plot Hole

Famed astrophysicist and sass-master Twitter personality Neil DeGrasse Tyson has a bone to pick with James Cameron's rendition of the Titanic sinking.

Astrophysicists don't have it easy. Their schedules are jam-packed with activities, from studying the furthest reaches of the known and unknown universe to questioning the origin of the cosmos to fact-checking every last detail of the hit 1997 movie "Titanic."

At least, that's the extended job description of famed astrophysicist and sass-master Twitter personality Neil DeGrasse Tyson, who just announced he has a big old bone to pick with James Cameron's rendition of the sinking of the infamously sinkable ship.

astrophysicist criticizes Titanic

Unless you're a hardcore Neil fan, you may not know Tyson has actually criticized Cameron's film on numerous occasions. When the film first came out, Tyson sent a disgruntled email to the director about his issues with the scene portraying the ship's final moments, HuffPost reports.

In Tyson's own words:

"He had the wrong sky over the sinking ship, and we know where it sank and what time. [...] We know there was no moon interfering with the sky. So we knew this. He sinks the ship in the movie and ... the sky wasn't even just the wrong part of the sky, it was a made-up sky. And worse than that, the left side of the sky was a mirror reflection of the right side of the sky, so there's just no excuse for that.

By the way, had he not cared about other historical details then why should I care about the sky? But that movie was marketed based on how precise and accurate the details ― the rivets on the side of the ship and the wall sconces and the china patterns and the staterooms were recreated to exquisite detail.

And then he just pisses on the sky. So we didn't go there. We didn't go there. That's water under the bridge."

But now, Tyson has tackled another element of the film.

astrophysicist criticizes Titanic

In fact, he tackles perhaps the most controversial part of the entire movie: the door. Yes, that door. The door that remains the subject of the pinned tweet of the Twitter feed of one of the most talented writers of our time, Roxane Gay.

The door that also became the center of a famous MythBusters episode that argued yes, in fact, it was possible for both Jack and Rose to fit on that door.

But Tyson takes a different tack this time, claiming his issue is less about whether Jack could have fit and more about why he didn't even try more than once to save his own life.

As Tyson tells HuffPost:

"Whether or not he could've been successful, I would've tried more than once. You try once. 'Oh, this is not gonna work. I will just freeze to death in the water.' No, excuse me. No! ... The survival instinct is way stronger than that in everybody, especially in that character. He's a survivor, right? He gets through. He gets by."

To Tyson's credit, he makes a very credible point. Jack spends like three seconds trying to fit on that door, after spending however many hours running through the labyrinthine corridors of a sinking ship trying to save the love of his life.

You don't just spend the better half of a three-hour movie trying to win the love of your life to give up in seconds.

Plus, it's a cruise ship! There's more than one door.

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