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The only baby shark (doo doo doo doo) that we're interested in is this unhatched catshark still swimming around in its egg case.

Captured by the NOAA Okeanos Explorer team, this clear catshark egg is housing a lil' baby shark. It was found 830 feet below the surface, off the coast of Puerto Rico, according to a NOAA video.

You can see it swimming around with its yolk.

Giphy/Inner Space Center

Fox News reported that the footage is super rare, both because only 30 percent of sharks actually lay eggs and because catsharks are deep-sea creatures not often spotted by scientists.

Cat Gordon, a conservation officer with Shark Trust, told the Independent that the shark is wiggling around to get oxygenated water in through slits in the sides of the egg case.

It's already a pro at opening and closing its mouth to move the water along its gills.

Giphy/Inner Space Center

Gordon said this egg was likely already four months along, which means it could be close to hatching, since catshark eggs incubate anywhere between five and nine months.

And this little baby looks fairly far along in its development.

Once baby sharks hatch, they're alone and have to fend for themselves, according to the Independent. They look just like mini versions of the adults from their species.

They're pretty much impossibly cute.

But until they hatch, the egg case will stay firmly planted on the coral that Okeanos found it on. As Azula previously reported, catshark egg cases come with long strings that the moms wrap around plants or other safe objects.

The strings keep the eggs in place.

Giphy/Cape RADD

Having strings and unique shapes is also part of the reason shark eggs are called mermaid purses.

Check out more cool shark eggs here.

And watch the full see-though shark egg video here:

Okeanos Explorer Video Bite: Rare Baby Shark Still in Egg Case

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