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This Artist Can Turn Glass Into Amazing Ocean Sculptures

He takes 2-D sheets of glass and turns them into 3-D works of art.

The realistic movement of the ocean's waves is hard enough to capture in a painting, but New Zealand artist Ben Young manages to do it with glass.

Young takes 2-D sheets of glass and stacks them one by one to create 3-D sculptures of water. Then he merges this delicate breakable material with something as formidable as concrete. The result is a beautiful piece depicting the duality of the hardness of land and the softness of water.

According to his website, Young is self-taught and does all of his glass cutting by hand. He wrote on the website that growing up in New Zealand and loving the outdoors led to his finding inspiration in the ocean.

So now he brings the ocean to life in sculptures that can live indoors.

Check out his projects below:


This is made out of sheets of glass, guys. GLASS. But it looks like it has the motion of real water.


Keeping the water section rectangular gives this piece a unique shape.

"At The Helm."

This boat could just sail off the edge of the world.

"Lonesome Light."

Creating a splash with glass is no easy task.


Does this place exist in real life? Because we would like to go explore it.


Young wrote on his website that he always considers how to light the glass when working on a piece.

In this instance, the light turned the concrete section black, giving the water the illusion of floating.

When working with glass, you can't guarantee that it will all go right, though.

Young posted on Instagram after an accident caused a piece to shatter.

But when all goes according to plan, you end up with stunning works of art like this.

And that's worth the struggle every time.

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