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Best Dog Costumes for Halloween 2017: Ocean Edition

Halloween isn't just for humans. Let your puppers join in on the festivities with one of the best dog costumes for Halloween 2017.

Halloween isn't just for humans. We compiled a list of the best dog costumes for Halloween 2017 — aquatic-themed, of course — so your furry BFF can get spooky with you this year.

1. Shark Fin for Smol Doggos

Get it here.

2. Shark Fin for Large Woofers

For a costume that'll really do ya a frighten. Get it here.

3. Sailor

12/10 would sail with anytime. Get it here.

4. Popeye the Pupperino

If you want your pup to look strong as h*ck. Get it here.

5. Duck Duck Doggo

No quacks about it, this costume is perfect for your pooch. Get it here.

6. You Say Unicorn, We Say Narwhal

Big thanks to whoever captured this photo of the very rare, never-before-caught-on-camera narwhal blep. Get it here.

7. Lobster Floof

For one heckin' big crustacean. Get it here.

8. Pirate Pooch

Shiver me timbers! This furball's givin' us a spook. Get it here.

9. Rock Lobstah Pup

Cutest crustacean we've ever seen. Get it here.

10. Lifeguard

12/10 would trust with our lives. Get it here.

11. Smol Sush

Dress your little fat boi as everyone's favorite Japanese food. Trust us — he'll roll with it. Get it here.

12. Octo-pup

A h*ckin' good hat for a h*ckin' good boy. Get it here.

13. Fish

10/10 would catch again. Get it here.

14. Reluctant Shark Pupperino

Get it here.

15. Smol Shark With a Heckin' Hat

Get it here.

16. Hammerhead

His bork is worse than his bite. Get it here.

17. Big Borkin' Shark

We're going to need a bigger blep. Get it here.

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