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Sound Smarter Than Your Friends with These 5 Ocean Ted Talks

Need some party banter? Watch the 5 best Ted Talks on the ocean. Because nothing sounds smarter than "I was listening to this Ted Talk the other day and..."

If you're in need of some impressive dinner party banter check out these five best Ted Talks on the ocean. Because you will never sound smarter than when you start a sentence with "I was listening to this Ted Talk the other day and..."

David Gallo: Underwater Astonishments

Views: 11 million plus

Capturing a world of complete darkness offset with bioluminescent (A.K.A. dlow-in-the-dark) marine life is David Gallo's jam. The footage Gallo, an ocean explorer, talks through for the audiences show creatures that look a lot like New Year’s Eve fireworks as they pulsate beautiful light in all sorts of colors.

“We have only explored about three percent of what is in the ocean,” said Gallo.

Hold on for the extreme camouflage of an octopus and the deception of a male squid as it courts a female.

Hamish Jolly: A shark-deterrent wetsuit (and it's not what you think)

View: 1.9 million plus

You might put your faith in a cage, or maybe even chain mail, when skirting around sharks off Western Australia, but would you trust a wetsuit that promises to deter sharks using only its eclectic black and white stripes?

Hamish Jolly, an ocean swimmer, set out to solve the problem of fending off fatal shark attacks a few years back. Along with a team of scientists, he settled on the wetsuit that has a patter which plays on the sharks eyesight to make the wearer almost invisible to predatory sharks.

It’s pretty crazy to see how the sharks interact differently during tests with a bait-filled barrel that is dressed in the pattern as opposed to a barrel that is simply black.

Peter Tyack: The Intriguing Sound of Marine Mammals

Views: 350,000 plus

The ocean is giant symphony of marine mammals.

“They depend on sound to explore their world and stay in touch with each other,” said Tyack, a behavioral ecologist, who studies the acoustic communication of whales and dolphins. In this talk, he shows how, like parrots, dolphins in captivity begin to mimic human sounds like the whistle from a trainer.

Using US technology that was once used to spy on the Soviets, Tyack also demonstrates through plenty of sound bites how blue whales can call and be heard by others that are hundreds of miles away. Sadly, he points out the problems for whales when you throw in the noise from thousands of human ships.

Tierney Thys: Swim With The Giant Sunfish

Views: 650,000 plus

The giant ocean sunfish, or Mola Mola, is the world’s boniest fish, weighs up to a ton and it kinda looks like… nothing else on this planet.

Its favorite meal is jellyfish and the ocean sunfish loves to sun bake by lying seemingly lifeless and flat out on the ocean’s surface.

David Lang: My Underwater Robot

Views: One Million plus

Fish are cute. Low-cost  mini ocean-exploring robots are also cute. And that is what David Lang, a maker and inventor, helped create.

Specifically, he created an underwater robot that is “open-sourced,” meaning they reveal exactly how they made it, their patterns and process, so others can take the idea and build upon it. It means that regular people, not just the big budgets of filmmaker and Titanic explorer James Cameron, can use a robot to see into the underwater world.

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