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Real or Photoshopped? Photo of Bobcat With Shark Is Almost Unbelievable

Bobcats in Florida? Fishing in the ocean? For sharks?

Crocodiles and sharks recently made waves (pun intended) for feasting together on a whale, but the most bizarre animal food-chain combo still goes to that time a bobcat caught a shark.

According to NatGeo, in 2015 John Bailey spotted a bobcat fishing in Florida where it dragged a 4-foot shark out of the water. He snapped a photo of the victorious hunter and soon it traveled across social media, because frankly it's sort of an unbelievable shot.

Bobcats in Florida? Fishing in the ocean? For sharks?

People even accused Bailey of Photoshopping the snap, but wildlife experts are pretty sure it's real.

For one, bobcats aren't rare to find in Florida — a state which is basically the Australia of America when it comes to dangerous animals. The Naples Herald notes that bobcats and panthers can be spotted in the state. And, let's not forget all the pythons and alligators there too.

Beware of Florida wildlife, OK?


In any case, it isn't unusual for someone to see a bobcat out fishing, and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission representative Liz Barraco told NatGeo that the photo is most likely real.

Although bobcats haven't been regularly spotted in salt water, they can live near the coast, according to Barraco, and they eat a number of different types of prey.

And the Huffington Post noted that director of Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, David Hitzig, told CBS that bobcats are opportunistic hunters that are known to explore beaches for food.

NatGeo reports that the shark in question was likely an Atlantic sharpnose.

bobcat with shark Public Domain

Per the Florida Museum, that type of shark often hunts for its own food in the surf, which is likely why it was close enough to shore for the bobcat to snag it.

Sadly, though, this clever cat didn't actually get to eat its hard-won meal.


USA Today reported that the bobcat, likely startled by Bailey, dropped the shark and ran into the woods just after Bailey took the photo.

Still, the bobcat/shark combo isn't the only example of an impressive Florida animal catch.

In 2014, a river otter took down a baby alligator.

Basically, the lesson you should learn from all of this is to never underestimate nature.

You never know what they'll put on the dinner menu.


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