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New Video of Cannibalistic Squid Attack Confirms Deep Sea Is Terrifying

A cannibalistic squid takes its own species by surprise (and gives us nightmares) in a harrowing, new deep-sea video from Australia's CSIRO.

A cannibalistic squid takes its own species by surprise in a harrowing, new deep-sea video.

Recorded by Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, the video starts off slowly enough, with a long pole dangling some unidentifiable food into the murky water. Marine snow floats by like shooting stars.

But once the action starts, it all happens in the blink of an eye.


An iridescent squid shoots into the frame and grabs the food at the end of the pole.



No sooner has it landed than another, apparently cannibalistic squid, twice its size, grabs it by the mantle with all eight its arms.



The two animals scuffle around, arms and fins flapping in the water.



The smaller of the squids doesn't look like it stands a chance at escape, but we'll never know. In case you missed the memo, nature is as mysterious as it is cruel.

CSIRO posted the video to its Facebook page Monday. "The food chain snaps at a kraken pace in the ocean," they wrote in the caption, noting that the footage was shot by their deep-sea research vessel, Investigator. "This squid has the best and then worst day in just 2 seconds."


Watch the full video below.


Commenters had a lot of feelings but even more jokes.

"That was tentacular!" wrote one.

"Yeah, nah," wrote another. "They're best mates. The big one was just giving the little one 10 tickles."

Sure, we'll go with that. Much more comforting than the cannibalistic squid tale scientists are telling.


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