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11 Brilliant Ways To Celebrate World Octopus Day!

Happy World Octopus Day, everyone! To honor our eight-legged, three-hearted, inky buddies here are eleven fun ways to celebrate our favorite cephalopods.

Happy World Octopus Day, everyone!

Octopuses have eight arms, can use tools, and sometimes run on two legs which is funny. There's also a fair bit of octopus presence in literature and popular culture because their appearance (particularly those dope arms) and their sly, mysterious nature make for interesting characters, i.e. Ursula from The Little Mermaid. And while you only have one heart, octopuses have three which makes their capacity for love three times bigger.

Just take a gander at this mini-octopus and say to yourself, "Wow, actually, he's pretty cute":

You can refer to him as a "cutiepus."

So to honor our eight-legged, three-hearted, inky buddies here are some fun ways to celebrate octopuses:

1. Bake some yummy octopus cupcakes.

Candy on cupcakes is A-OK with me.          


2. Grill up some octopus hotdogs.



3.  Put your cat in an octopus costume.

Obviously this cat is stoked about World Octopus Day.              


  4. Or put your baby in an octopus costume!

Again, visibly stoked about this holiday.


5. While you're at it, get the dog in an octopus costume too!

Fun for everyone, see?!            


6. Get a sick octopus tat like this:

A classy pus.


7. Or this:

So vibrant!      


8. Perhaps get an octopus manicure!

World Octopus Day might fall on October 8th, but with these nails it'll feel like summer forever.


9. Paint a beautiful watercolor of an octopus.

Day 8 #inktober #worldoctopusday ? #blue #octopus #bievaillustration

A photo posted by Ieva Bielske (@bievaillustration) on

I require that this hangs in my living room.    


10. Purchase this really cool tentacle mug.

This is very good.


11. Fly an octopus kite.

Be free like a balloon ♧ #baloon #octopus #sky #fly #free #blue #red #clouds

A photo posted by _No_oN_ (@_no_on_94) on

How cute is this??    


Whatever you do, honor one of nature's most beautiful creatures in some way! Maybe even go totally wild like this awesome chick!


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