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The Vancouver Aquarium has a new member of its octopus family, and he was just given the perfect punny name. According to CTV News, the octopus was named Ceph Rogen after the actor Seth Rogen — only the cephalopod version.

Vancouver's NEWS 1130 reported that the aquarium usually names their animals after locations, but they decided to open this one up to the court of public opinion.

The aquarium posted a Facebook poll and let viewers choose from a variety of names.

Voters eventually (and rightfully) chose Ceph Rogen over Octavia in a landslide 90 percent victory.

It's hard to say no to a good pun, especially when Rogen himself was out there rallying votes.

After the actor learned of the contest, he took to Twitter to campaign for Ceph. "Please vote for me to have an octopus named after me at the aquarium I grew up going to," he wrote.

That's right, Rogen is a Vancouver native, which makes his win even cooler.

"A lot of people hate where they're from and want nothing to do with where they're from," Rogen told CBC after he took over as the voice of Vancouver's public transit system. "The older I get, the more I realize how rare it is to like where you're from and so I even more feel an urge to bolster and associate myself with it."

Now his association has expanded to include a cephalopod named in his honor.

Naturally, Rogen was super excited about the results of the poll.

And while Rogen himself hasn't had a chance to swing by yet, his mom, Sandy Rogen, has.

She recently posted on Twitter that she had gone to see the octopus version of her son.

He's quite the little cephalopod celebrity already.

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