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YouTube/New China TV

WATCH: This Woman Fell Into an Open Shark Tank During Feeding Time

What's a shark tank doing in a mall walkway, anyway?

Here's a groundbreaking idea: Perhaps malls shouldn't put shark tanks in the middle of walkways.

That way this doesn't happen.

Giphy/New China TV

Yeah, someone could fall in.

According to Australia's, a woman in China tripped over the open door of a shark tank hatch built into a shopping mall bridge. She then fell into the tank, which was occupied by baby lemon sharks.

Terrifying video footage of the incident shows her rough fall into the tank.


And then the sharks speedily swimming around her.


You can see the sharks closer here. They're the large, dark shapes.

Giphy/CH52 reported that she was in the tank for around a minute before two security guards also jumped in to help.

Suddenly a very small tank containing several sharks was filled with three people.

Giphy/New China TV

The guards managed to rescue the woman and none of them were injured, according to New China TV. But it stands to reason why such a tank exists in the first place.

The Independent reported that a representative for the mall said the woman was late for a meeting and took the bridge when she shouldn't have — because it's closed during feeding time. But shouldn't the feeding hatch have been closed when mealtime ended?

Also, shouldn't there, I don't know, not be sharks trapped inside a mall bridgeway?

Shots of the underside of the tank make it look pretty small.


Although the sharks who occupy it are juveniles — rather than the 10-foot fish they can grow to become, per Oceana — it seems like the tank is a bad idea all around.

Especially when the door is left wide open.


Honestly, the mall is lucky that no one — including the sharks — got hurt.

Discovery reported that lemon sharks aren't known to be aggressive toward humans, but they can bite if they feel threatened.

And this whole situation was pretty threatening. Watch the full video below:

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