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Candy Cane Squids, Christmas Tree Worms & 8 Other Sea Animals With Holiday Spirit

The ocean is ho-ho-home to so many wintery sea creatures.

The holiday season is upon us, and the ocean is ready to celebrate.

Not only are there a lot of sea creatures named after other animals; there are also plenty of sea creatures with winter holiday-themed names or looks.

Like this squid that looks just like a candy cane.

Giphy/Inner Space Center

This orange- and white-banded squid totally resembles the popular Christmas candy — especially when it bends its body into a curved, cane shape.

Cookiecutter sharks would come in so handy during baking season.

These ferocious sharks are known for taking perfect circles out of their prey — hence their spot-on moniker.

Christmas tree worms dazzle in an array of colors.

It's like the reef is permanently decorated for the holidays, thanks to these tubular polychaetes.

Angelfish are freshwater fish, but no less holiday-appropriate.

Their wing-like fins help explain this species' fitting name.

Candy cane shrimp look so sweet.

The orange- and white-banded shrimp could easily be mistaken for holiday candy.

The pinecone fish is also named after a favorite holiday decor item.

The resemblance to white-painted decorative pinecones is uncanny.

These koi know how to dress for the holiday season.

The swordtail koi is also known as the Santa Claus koi because it looks like it's donning a red Santa hat and suit.

The Christmas Island red crabs have a home with holiday spirit.


These little buddies congregate to spread holiday cheer in the thousands.

These mollusks were given a punny holiday name.

Meet the jingle shells. They're bivalves without bells, but with a whole lot of holiday spirit with a name like that.

The snowflake moray eel brings winter to the sea.

These eels may live in warmer water, but they get their chilly name from their white pattern. It looks like they're covered in freshly fallen snow.

See? Even the ocean can get in the holiday spirit. Merry merry!


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