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Climate change deniers are the minority. Some may believe it won't affect them, or that human activity hasn't caused it, but the overwhelming majority of Americans believe that somewhere, somehow, climate change is happening.

Somehow the deniers remain noisy. It often seems like the people who are so adamant that climate change isn't happening are the ones that spout their claims the loudest.

And there's nothing more frustrating than trying to reason with someone who seemingly can't see that reason.

climate change argument

Even the calmest and brainiest among us may be reduced to fits of rage in such a scenario.

climate change argument

But Mother Jones and Climate Desk get it. Luckily, James West has produced a handy flowchart to help fight back against the non-believers. It's both factual and conversational, and addresses every type of argument you're going to hear against the changes our climate is facing.

Got someone who thinks climate change exists, but it's a totally natural thing that's not going to cause any problems? Hit them with the facts about our current situation:

We're experiencing the hottest years on record, and those rising temperatures are likely leading to a rise in disasters like floods and droughts.

climate change argument

Have you met the "No, but CO2 is good for plants!" guy? We all have. But now you don't have to roll your eyes and curse him under your breath.

Just remind him that yeah, everyone knows plants need CO2 to thrive — we're just giving them way, way too much. And all that carbon dioxide is contributing to our sea levels rising and making life more difficult for the people that live along the world's coasts.

The chart contains details on the science that backs these facts up, as well as more replies to everyone from the people who think the scientists are lying to the ones who think it's not our fault.

Study up!

climate change argument Credit: Mother Jones and Climate Desk

There's nothing like winning an argument and defending the planet in the same breath.

climate change argument

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