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In a show of crustacean tenacity, a crawfish escaped certain death by ripping its own claw off.

According to Vice's food site Munchies, a Chinese diner got quite the surprise when his dinner refused to be eaten.

The crustacean jumped out of the boiling spicy soup and frantically clawed at its trapped arm to free it from the hot water.

Giphy/South China Morning Post

Eventually the crawfish decided life was worth more than its claw, and it chucked it away to make its dramatic escape.

Giphy/South China Morning Post

Taiwan News reported that a video of the daring getaway was posted to China's version of Twitter called Weibo by a user named Jiuke. Comments quickly flooded in urging Jiuke to spare the crawfish's life — after all, it had sacrificed so much to live.

Jiuke reassured the worried masses that he didn't eat the brave little crustacean.

Giphy/South China Morning Post

"I let him live. I already took him home and am raising him in an aquarium," he wrote on the site.

According to the South China Morning Post, Jiuke named the little guy Yang Guo after a book character who also loses their arm.

Yang Guo won't stay armless forever though. According to the Evening Standard, when crawfish molt their shells they can regenerate a lost claw. But the process can take months.

Still, we too would go to great lengths to avoid being boiled to death, so we don't blame Yang Guo for taking drastic measures.


Although crustaceans have long been boiled alive (and still are to this day), there has been evidence that they are in pain during this process. TIME magazine reported that studies show crustaceans like crabs can feel what's happening to them.

That's a pretty gruesome way to go.


Hopefully one day no crayfish or any crustacean has to go as far as Yang Guo did to escape. Even though the claw will regrow, that's a lot of trauma for any animal to endure.

Thankfully he's safe now and won't ever be someone's dinner again.

You can watch his great escape below:

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