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WATCH: This Massive Crocodile Attacked a Boat & the Video Is Shocking

The attack happened in Australia (of all places!).

You've probably seen a crocodile in the wild before. And if you haven't seen it in person, then you've definitely seen one on Instagram, or TV, or in a movie. But however you've seen one, you definitely haven't seen one quite like this.

Thanks to a video uploaded to Facebook, we can now all witness a truly massive crocodile attacking a boat in Far North Queensland, New Zealand. According to NT News, a New Zealand news site, two fishermen filmed the croc swimming around the boat before it eventually lunged straight out of the water — nearly onto the boat itself.

And while the animal looks huge in the water, once it comes out of the water, it's almost hard to believe the creature is real at all.

The post (which understandably includes a few adult expletives) has been viewed more than 817,032 times so far. Uploaded about a month ago, the video has a caption that simply reads, "*Language warning ⚠️* Mind you, if this happened to us, we'd probably be using similar words too."

While crocodiles aren't incredibly common in New Zealand, they have made a few appearances over the years — including some deadly. As the NT News piece points on, commenters suggested this attack most likely took place near Queensland, New Zealand, or the Northern Territory of New Zealand.

As recently as May 2018, a woman was killed by a crocodile in far North Queensland, proving just how dangerous the animals can be.

crocodile attacks boat


In fact, when it comes to Far North Queensland, it seems that crocodiles are quite prevalent, even if they are less common in the rest of the country. One article describing a 2016 attack notes that to be safe, people should "expect crocodiles in all north Queensland waterways even if there is no warning sign present."

Crocodile attacks in North Queensland have become so common, in fact, that in 2016 a local politician was campaigning to have the entire population of the animal moved to less populated areas.

crocodile attacks boat Giphy

In an ABC Australia article, politician Bob Katter is quoted promoting a "total removal" program, meaning that both alligators and their eggs would be removed from densely populated areas to more safe environments in an effort to prevent attacks.

Whether that is the right decision or not for safety of both humans and animals is up for debate, one thing's for sure — these crocodiles are massive, and they're not shy.

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