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WATCH: Tourist Captures Stunning Footage of Crocodile Eating a Stingray Whole

Joshua Ten Brink started to record a crocodile just as it found a delicious lunch in the form of a nearby, unlucky stingray.

Joshua Ten Brink grabbed his camera at just the right moment. While on vacation in Costa Rica recently, he was strolling down the country's Tambor Beach when he thought he saw a giant log in the water. Upon closer inspection, he realized it was no log — it was a crocodile, and it was hungry.

Photo Credit: Flickr, fruit flavor

Brink started to record just as the animal found a delicious lunch in the form of a nearby, unlucky stingray.

In the captured footage, the crocodile tosses the stingray around in its mouth a bit before starting to devour its meal whole.

Satisfied, he continues on his merry way.

You can watch the whole thing here:

Brink was visiting Costa Rica from his home in Colorado. For the visitor from a landlocked state, the stunning display of animal nature was an exciting welcome to the Pacific Coast.

As breathtaking as it must have been to see, though, the sighting and video should also serve as a reminder to all of Costa Rica's visitors. The country is known for its stunning beaches on both of its coasts.

It's a popular destinations for water lovers, especially those wanting to dive and surf.

Photo Credit: Flickr, Jose Pablo Orozco Marin

It's important those tourists are mindful of the environment, however. While it's relatively unusual for a tourist to snag the perfect video of a crocodile's stingray lunch, it isn't so unusual for tourists to encroach on a crocodile's home.

Crocodiles have held up surf tournaments and tried to nab food from beachgoers munching a little too close to the water. More gravely, they've given several surfers some serious maulings.

Take it as a reminder. If you're in Costa Rica, you're probably going to have your camera ready at a moment's notice. You never know what you're going to see in that biologically diverse wonderland. But also remember who was there first.

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