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There's Actually A Reason Sea Otters Are So Darn Cute

One science writer has found a possible reason for sea otter's charming good looks.

Otters are pretty darn cute.

Shutterstock/Menno Schaefer

There are actually 13 species of aquatic otters, all of which are charismatic and adorable in their own unique way.

From the giant river otter...

Shutterstock/F. JIMENEZ MECA

To the oriental small-clawed otter...


And even the lutra otter.


But, no other otter elicits as many oooooo's and awwwww's than the delightful sea otter.

neelsky Shutterstock/neelsky

I mean, just look at that face!

TheRocky41 Shutterstock/TheRocky41

After reading a new paper from Texas A&M zoologists about the differences in how otters feed, one science writer concluded that the sea otter's charming good looks might just come from its ferocious bite used to feast on hard mollusks and echinoderms.

The authors of the paper discovered two major ways that otters feed, grouping them as hand-oriented or mouth-oriented otters. Mouth-oriented otters, like several river otter species, primarily catch fish and other prey with their jaws first, while hand-oriented otters, like the sea otter, grab hardened prey with their dexterous hands before crushing them with expanded cheek teeth.

Both feeding techniques result in differences in skull shape, and may give the sea otter an edge over its relatives in the race for cutest mug.

Shutterstock/Menno Schaefer

The river otters, and others that feed on fish, tend to have long, narrow skulls that are more attuned to delivering faster bites. On the other hand, otters that must break through hard shells to eat have wider, shorter skulls and jaws better capable of a strong bite. Sea otters in particular have wide, rounded cheek teeth to crush prey, and to be picture-perfect, of course.

Shutterstock/Doug Meek

The authors noted that, just like people, not all sea otters are alike, and varying diets in otter population clusters will result in slightly different skull shapes. Nonetheless, the sea otter's tastes in food are definitely working for them, and for us!


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Work it, sea otter.

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