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WATCH: We Finally Captured That Jellyfish That Looks Like a Plastic Bag

This is the footage we've been waiting for!

Ever since we got the first glimpse of the rare Deepstaria enigmatica on a deep-sea expedition led by none other than Jacques Cousteau, scientists have been itching to learn more about the mysterious and enigmatic jellyfish.

That's because one of the only things we know about it is that it looks like a plastic bag.

Deepstaria enigmatica Giphy

Don't get us wrong — it's certainly a beautiful plastic bag. Rare videos of the specimen show it floating eerily thousands of feet into the deep sea, reminding us of the infamous line from Katy Perry's hit single "Firework." Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?

That plastic bag appearance led to several questions about the jellyfish that scientists have been hoping to answer for decades. Now, they might finally be closer, thanks to a recent expedition and high-tech cameras that allowed scientists to get some of the coolest images of the animal that we've ever captured.

Researchers were able to follow the animal for about 10 minutes with a sensitive Canon equipped for the harsh pressure and low light of the deep sea, allowing them to capture the jellyfish on film in a stealthy, non-invasive way.

During that time, they captured some of the most detailed images we've ever seen of the jellyfish, including incredibly detailed closeups.

Deepstaria enigmatica

In a paper detailing their findings, the scientists describe the way the animal might snag its prey without the tentacles that its jellyfish cousins use.

Deepstaria enigmatica

Instead of ensnarling prey with those arms, the Deepstaria enigmatica likely, well, literally bags its prey the same way we might bag our groceries after buying them.

Deepstaria enigmatica

By wrapping its bag-like body around unlucky prey, the jellyfish is able to capture its meals and enclose them in their umbrella body.

It's just one of the pieces of information researchers were able to glean thanks to the underwater mission and new camera technology, and they're hoping for even more as they continue to break down their newfound footage.

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