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15 Must-Have, Ocean-Themed Dog Costumes for Halloween 2018

Your pup will be best dressed in these outfits.

Honestly does a holiday even happen if you can't dress your dog in a themed outfit to celebrate alongside you?

Halloween is quickly coming up, and if you want your pooch to get in the spirit of things, give these ocean-themed costumes a try. After all, 'tis the season to let your pup be a sea creature, or however that saying goes.

1. Dolphin Costume ($19.99)

dog costumes 2018 Amazon

We dolphinitely approve of this outfit.

2. Killer Whale Costume ($12.50)


Because, why not?

3. Sailor Costume ($9.95)


Aye-aye, captain pup!

4. Shark Costume ($15.99)


I can confirm this costume is adorable IRL.

Here's a photo of my own dog wearing it for my Shark Week party.

5. Hammerhead Shark Costume ($20.81)


You know, for when you feel like a great white costume is just too mainstream for your pooch.

6. Goldfish Costume ($20.51)


Look how fun and sparkly this fish is. Your puppy will shine like the good boy he is in this costume.

7. "The Little Mermaid" Costume ($17.23)


For when your pup wants to be where the people are and be part of your (Halloween) world.

8. Regular Mermaid Costume ($16.99)


For when your pup needs options.

9. Sea Turtle Costume ($28.54)


Technically this is a tortoise costume, but we won't tell if you don't.

10. Pirate Costume ($7.99)


Your pet will be the fiercest doggo on the high seas.

11. Pufferfish Costume ($10.39)


We don't know why this exists, or why it exists in such a sparkly shade — but, hey, Halloween is about having fun.

12. Lobster Costume ($8.99)


Unique and hilarious.

13. Flamingo Costume ($10.39)


Because, sure.

14. Penguin Costume ($15.58)


Let your puppy be king for a day with this king penguin costume.

15. Polar Bear Costume ($33.99)


Have you ever seen a happier dog/polar bear? No.

Make your Halloween full of treats instead of tricks by putting your pet in a cute ocean costume.

Just imagine the pictures.


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