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When Playful Dogs Meet Marine Mammals, Friendship Ensues

Check out these heart-warming videos of playful pooches paddling around with marine mammals: dolphins, whales, sea lions, and even a manatee!

Dogs are naturally inquisitive creatures. So, when they stumble upon a large animal in the ocean, they are going to need more information!

The following pooches have made friends with a few marine mammals. Not only are the interactions heartwarming and amusing, they prove that, whether on dry land or in sea water, friendship knows no bounds.

The Tale of Luna the Orca and the Curious Pup

Luna, an orca whale born in the Puget Sound, was separated from his family when they passed through the Nootka Sound, and he remained at the scene of the separation for the majority of his life. Orcas are pod animals and need socialization. Without the interaction of other orcas, Luna found himself interacting with the animals and humans he came across in the sound.

Here, Luna is connecting with a dog sitting on the side of a boat. Unfortunately, a tugboat collision killed Luna in March of 2006, but his story lives on in a documentary about his life entitled “The Whale”. For the full video of the interaction between Luna and this pooch, click here.

The Tale of the Territorial Whale and the Spooked Pup

A free diver swimming around Matheson Bay in New Zealand ran into several orca whales, one of whom was curious about the diver and a nearby Labrador retriever. As the black lab paddled around retrieving sticks for his owner, an orca swam up alongside the canine and chased him out of the water! For the full video, click here.

The Tale of the Vested Pup and the Impish Dolphin

This small pup literally has the best play date EVER! He jumps out of a boat in a cute little life vest to splash around next to a bottlenose dolphin. This interspecies playtime like looks way too much fun! For the complete video, click here.

The Tale of Duggie the Dolphin and Ben the Lab's Lifelong Friendship

On a small island off the coast of Ireland an unusual friendship has blossomed between Ben, a yellow Labrador retriever, and Duggie, a bottlenose dolphin. Ben and Duggie have not just had one opportunity to swim together – they spend hours swimming side by side nearly everyday.

Pat Doohan, Ben’s owner, told the Irish News that Duggie’s presence in Dingle Bay occurred at the same time a dolphin corpse washed ashore. People believe that dolphin may have been Duggie’s mate, which is why she stayed behind. Luckily, Ben came along and filled the hole in Duggie’s heart! To view the full video, click here.

The Tale of Kira the Dog and the South African Dolphin Pod

Kira, a black Labrador retriever in South Africa, jumped into the ocean to splash about with a pod of dolphins. Her owner, Noleen Withers, works at Somente Aqua Dolphin Centre in Ponta de Oura and Kira works alongside her as a “dolphin spotter”, according to a report in the Daily Mail. Now, that’s a job she was made for! To view the full video, click here.

The Tale of Lola the Brave and the Serene Sea Cow

Manatees are placid, good-natured sea creatures – and Lola the dog just wants to stir things up with this serene sea cow. The curious pup jumps into a lagoon in Key Largo, Fla. to meet this manatee and has a blast pawing around the massive marine mammal! To view the full video click here.

The Tale of the Captivated Canine and the Silly Sea Lion

Hide and seek is not just a game for humans. This sea lion is giving a yellow Labrador retriever a run for his money in a seriously funny game of peek-a-boo! To view the full video, click here.

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