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There's a Dolphin Shape Swimming Around on Jupiter [PHOTOS]

The cetaceans have reached space.

First there were whales that could be seen from space, and now there's a dolphin in space — on Jupiter no less.

Did we just find out what happened to the dolphins from "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" finally?

The dolphin in question here isn't actually a real dolphin, but it is a dolphin-like shape in the gas on the surface of Jupiter.

You can see the brown cetacean swimming below:

The original images of Jupiter were taken by NASA's Juno spacecraft, according to CNET, and then visual artists and citizen scientists Sean Doran and Brian Swift enhanced them.

During this process, the dolphin appeared out of the background swirls.

Doran also tweeted that the dolphin shape is around the size of Earth, which is straight-up terrifying because it's practically a blip on Jupiter's surface. (For the record, NASA says 1,300 Earths can fit in Jupiter — so that's a lot of dolphins.)

Once the dolphin grabbed public attention, people started finding other shapes in the clouds.

Like a squid:

A fire-breathing dragon:

And a bunch of chameleons:

Someone even suggested that the dolphin itself was more of a killer whale, which Doran did not agree with.

He responded to the killer whale post on Twitter, saying, "It's a dolphin, dude."

Technically killer whales are part of the dolphin family anyway, so it's a dolphin either way, dude.

In any case, this dolphin sighting on Jupiter is not the first time people have seen representations of animals in space.

CNET pointed out that there are whole galaxies that look like a penguin and its egg.

And now the penguin has good space company thanks to this dolphin and her chameleon/dragon/squid friends on Jupiter.

Fox News reported that Juno will continue to collect pictures and information about Jupiter through 2021. So there will be plenty more cool shapes to come.

Although a dolphin is pretty hard to top as far as cloud animals go.


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