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These Edible Six-Pack Rings Could Make Your Beer Better for the Ocean

Six-pack rings are a simple product that can have devastating consequences, but a Florida brewery designed an innovative solution.

Six-pack rings are a simple product that can have devastating consequences. The plastic rings, which are frequently used to hold beverage cans together, consistently find their way to the ocean, where they can choke the wildlife that lives there.


But a brewery in Florida has come up with what could be a brilliant solution: edible six-pack rings.

Many people cut the plastic rings they use, but the cut plastic can still be consumed by marine animals. Saltwater Brewery, though, has developed rings made of barley and wheat ribbons from the brewing process — which means that they are not only 100 percent biodegradable and compostable, but if ocean animals mistake them for a snack, there won't be any dire consequences either.


The small brewery says it is created by and for people who love the sea, which is why they've invested in a new technology that could save hundreds of thousands of ocean animal lives. They claim that the product is just as durable as plastic rings and that the only drawback is that production is a little more expensive.

But when you consider that we are currently dumping million of tons of plastic into the ocean each year, it seems worth the investment. Here's hoping other, bigger brewing companies follow suit.

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