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Did You Know You Can Become a Living Reef After You Die? Here's How

Unlike scattering someone's ashes at sea, Eternal Reefs serve as a beautiful memorial and slowly becoming shelters for all kinds of gorgeous marine life.

It's hard to think about final arrangements after one's death, but services that allow you to transform your ashes, or those of a loved one, into a living reef might make it just a little easier. A new kind of unique "living reef memorial service" allows new life to form after death and serves as a perfect memorial for someone who loved being near the sea.

New life brings hope and peace. That's the ultimate message behind reef memorials. Reefs in oceans across the world are swiftly deteriorating, and all kinds of wildlife are losing their home. Unlike simply scattering ashes at sea, these special formations are able to take their place, slowly becoming shelters for all kinds of gorgeous marine life.

With various locations on the East coast of the United States, Eternal Reefs is one organization offering such memorials. They come in various sizes, and that includes reefs large enough for up to four family members to be laid to rest together. Loved ones are encouraged to participate in the casting of the reef, which is a mix of concrete and cremated ashes. As with a traditional memorial service, a viewing is scheduled, which allows loved ones to touch and say goodbye to the reef before it is taken out to sea. Those who wish to attend the dedication can take a boat ride out to watch the living reef be added to an existing undersea structure.  Ashes on the Sea offers similar services on the West coast.

If you think this is how you would like to be laid to rest, let your family members know ahead of time. It may be something you want to put in writing to ensure that your last wishes are honored.

Images courtesy of Eternal Reefs

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Illustration by Fabio Manucci

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