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These Surfboard Fins Save Sharks, Not Surfers, If an Attack Occurs

The program is called Fin For A Fin.

What happens to a wild animal after it attacks a human? Though this isn't a topic that is frequently discussed, it's one that's worth considering. Despite the fact that humans are often entering the wild animal's territory rather than the other way around when an attack occurs, the animal is often blamed — or euthanized.

The surfer-backed group Fin For A Fin provides a way for surfers to state that if they are killed in a shark attack, they don't want the shark to be killed in response.

By creating surf fins (which attach to surfboards) that say, "If my life's taken, don't take theirs," the group is promoting an important concept: The ocean is the shark's domain, and surfers know the risks of entering it.

The Fin For A Fin site also promotes the fin's performance when it comes to actual surfing, noting that its fiberglass body is designed for "drive, power and controlled flex."

Fin For a Fin also notes that the fin would serve as the surfer's "voice" in the event of an attack.

The fin's cost isn't listed on the website, but the site does make it clear that the profits from the product go toward various causes that support both surfers and sharks.

According to the website, the profits fund the shark alert network, shark education charity Tag For Life and Dorsal, an app that allows beachgoers and authorities to report shark sightings.

It's important to note that shark attacks are incredibly rare — much rarer than media would often have you believe.

In 2017, there were only 155 reported incidents, with 30 of those being provoked.

Still, though, the scenario of humans entering a wild animal's territory is one that will almost always result in some type of accident eventually, however rare it may be.

Given this, Fin For A Fin may be an important way for surfers to take a stand and not only make their voice heard, but also let others know that the ocean is first and foremost the shark's home, not the human's.

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